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Eric Reprid turns up the heat on ‘SUKI’

The Canadian MC has set the internet ablaze with his lyrical acrobatics

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Feb 2024

When a video starts off with an MC about to step to the mic and he pours Hennesey into his Shin ramen noodles and starts eating it, it’s right up LiFTED’s alley. Canadian MC Eric Reprid’s ‘SUKI’ has set the internet ablaze in just a few short days with his lyrical acrobatics.

With his crew in the background playing Mahjong, Eric gets on the mic and with confidence says, “I f*ck so much p*ssy/I might switch to bussy.” While LiFTED was at first unsure that Eric knew what bussy was, because in the LGBTQIA+ community, it stands for the male version of female genitalia. But after thinking about it, the line does make sense and it’s a pretty hard bar. Pause.

The rest of the song shows potential as Eric floats along the beat with a mission. He also tosses a lot of the Henny and noodles around while he’s rapping, so maybe the spicy flavor doesn’t mix so well with it.

Check out Eric Reprid’s ‘SUKI’ below.