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Double Feature: GOLDBUUDA & Lil Cherry return with 2 new heat rocks

The siblings return with a solo Amapiano jam & some Jersey Club madness

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Feb 2024

Siblings in the music industry were once very popular. The Jackson 5, the Bee Gees, Van Halen, and even Hanson all had long careers with their family members. In the Asian Hip Hop scene, the only siblings making any noise are GOLDBUUDA and Lil Cherry, and they make some of the coolest and most creative noise out there with the release of the single video for two songs ‘빨리빨리 PALI PALI’ and ‘질투가나 JILTUGANA.’

First up is GOLDBUUDA’s ‘질투가나 JILTUGANA,’ an Amapiano track speeded up just a bit. BUUDA pushes his own boundaries while he raps and sings from a throne about a bit of jealousy. In part two of the video, Lil Cherry joins in for some fun with ‘빨리빨리 PALI PALI,’ which means quickly quickly. Over a dusty Trap beat, both Cherry and BUUDA flex on their verses. When the chorus comes, all hell breaks loose over a Jersey Club and Broken Beat break, which will surely make concertgoers lose their minds.

A reason why the siblings in the music industry lasted so long was that they pushed music forward. A reason why GOLDBUUDA and Lil Cherry are making so much noise is that they unapologetically push music in any direction they feel like going.

Check out GOLDBUUDA & Lil Cherry’s ‘빨리빨리 PALI PALI’ and ‘질투가나 JILTUGANA’ below.