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DIVINE & Karan Aujla showcase their range & prowess on Street Dreams

The 2 Indian MCs are at the top of their game right now

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 21 Feb 2024

On January 18, DIVINE and Karan Aujla blew up the Indian Hip Hop circuit by releasing a collaborative single ‘100 Million.’ What else could you expect when two of the biggest MCs in all of India come together?

Just two days short of a month since that surprise drop, the duo took it up a notch by releasing Street Dreams, a seven-track EP. The joint EP features six additional DIVINE and Karan tracks in ‘Nothing Lasts’, ‘Top Class/Overseas’, ‘Straight Ballin’’, ‘Yaad’, ‘Tareefan’, and ‘Hisab’, with ‘100 Million’ as the project’s closer.

The best thing about this collaborative EP, besides the fact that we get more DIVINE and Karan takes, is the variety of sounds and flavors on it. There are laid-back grooves, hard-hitting thumpers, light-hearted takes, and full-on menacing rhymes. It’s a body of work that showcases both of their ranges, as well as them at their best.

Check out DIVINE and Karan Aujla’s Street Dreams below.