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Digi Ghetto’s Kiv’s ‘TSIM SHA TSUI’ becomes first Canto-Trap song to chart in China

It features Haysen Cheng & Clutch

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Apr 2024

On the Chinese music charts, love songs have been dominating for years. Chinese people enjoy hearing about the ups and downs and ins and outs of love. They also love singing songs about warmth and tenderness at Karaoke bars all over the massive country. It’s 2024, and things are changing, as Hip Hop is creeping onto the charts slowly and surely.

Kiv is the first member of Digi Ghetto to release a solo album. In January, Taizi came out and on it, he featured thomeboydontkill, mac ova seas, Asen, MULA SAKEE from the Digi Ghetto crew as well as Novel Fergus from Hong Kong and Know Know from the Higher Brothers.

Overall, the album has topped 10 million streams in China and the hit ‘TSIM SHA TSUI’ featuring Haysen Cheng & Clutch is the first Cantonese-Trap song to chart in China. On Netease’s charts, ‘TSIM SHA TSUI’ has made it in the Top 50, knocking a lot of love songs out of the way.

To celebrate this first-ever feat, Haysen Cheng and Clutch will be special guests at Kiv’s Guangzhou concert on April 27. This show will mark the beginning of Kiv’s 2024 China tour for the Taizi album.

Check out Kiv featuring Haysen Cheng and Clutch on ‘TSIM SHA TSUI’ and the rest of the Taizi album below.