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O $IDE MAFIA & TU$ BROTHER$ are coming in ‘CRASHING’

A boisterous & infectious offering from the 2 Filipino Hip Hop collectives

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 23 Mar 2023

O $IDE MAFIA and TU$ BROTHER$ are two great Filipino Rap collectives bubbling on the scene right now. Their outrageous and boisterous energy displayed on their releases has been compared to the $uicideboy$, but make no mistake, they’re not impersonating anybody. They’re as authentic as authentic gets.

What can you expect when the two natural forces collide? An absolute banger of a track, of course. This collab has spawned this outrageous heater, ‘CRASHING,’ which arrived on all streaming platforms on March 19. The pulsating beat featured on it was produced by BRGR and Saint, the former being a DJ and producer who has worked with O $IDE MAFIA before.

Each MC from the two collectives, namely Costa Cashman, Gee Exclsv, Maddman Stan, Al Tus, and Rudy Rude, take their turn to drop the heat. Some of the rapping is done in a relaxed manner, while other parts are quite literally shouting in your face. The energy on this number is incredibly infectious so you have to move along to it.

A music video accompanied the track’s release, and it features both crews decked out in monochromatic attire hooded up and guns flexing. The message is made pretty damn clear here - if you mess with us, we will happily ruin your life.

Check out the music video of O $IDE MAFIA and TU$ BROTHER$’ ‘CRASHING’ down