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CLOT gives McDonald’s uniforms & packaging a fresh makeover

Hoodies, tote bags & travel cups are available only in China

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Mar 2023

There was a time when working at McDonald’s wasn’t cool. The fast-food giant was an excellent place for teenagers to get real-world experience, but there were often long hours and Chicken McNugget sauce stains on bland uniforms.

Now CLOT is on the case and making McDonald’s THE fashionable place to be. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, CLOT designed an anniversary meal and apparel line that will only be available in China. The meal packaging uses a fresh, new design for wrappers, tray liners, cups, and takeaway bags.

CLOT x McDonald's

The new uniforms are what stand out the most, though. CLOT has the ability to take something as humdrum as a McDonald’s uniform and snazz it up so that people will be lining up out the door to try and get their hands on them. The silky shirts have dragons and flower designs on them, as well as the embroidered M logo. The hoodies and tote bags are fashionable for the coolest neighborhoods in Shanghai and Beijing, and there are even travel cups available as well.

Instead of being made fun of for having a job at McDonald’s and hiding their uniform in the bottom of their bags, street-smart Chinese kids will be lining up to work at McDonald’s just so they can show off their new threads to all their friends thanks to CLOT.

Check out the CLOT x McDonald's line at their Instagram below.