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Bohan Phoenix & Haysen Cheng link up for ‘听说 Your Story’

The track is from Bohan’s surprise Chinese album 你的骄傲 Make You Proud

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Feb 2024

When Bohan Phoenix graced LiFTED’s first-ever cover, we knew we wanted to start this journey off with some uniquely in their own space. In that three-year span, Bohan has bucked trends and done his own thing time after time. He doesn’t care about numbers and always promises to stay true to himself.

When he returned to China a few months ago after four years away, the first thing his soul told him to do was make an album that was [mostly] in Chinese. He released 你的骄傲 Make You Proud last month, and he tells stories and collabs with quite a few people like MC Jin and Tizzy T.

In a recent Instagram post, Bohan raps his verse on ‘听说 Your Story,’ a song with Haysen Cheng. This is a great pairing because Bohan is an original and Haysen has the dopest voice in Asian Hip Hop. Bohan posts about the song, “This one is for the dreamers, heard you had to sacrifice a lot to get to where you at today. All I got to say is keep going, we here for you.”

Check out Bohan and Haysen below and the full 你的骄傲 Make You Proud album below.