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Bloo gets steamy with his latest ‘muse’

This is the lead track from his album Fox and the City

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 May 2023

It’s easy to tell a Bloo track from the first few notes. His beats are a lot of the time whimsical, catchy, and laid back. By the time the vocal comes in smoothly, slight head nods are already in order as Bloo is in the house.

‘muse,’ Bloo’s first single of his latest Fox and the City album, laments the girl he loves and wants to be with, even though she’s lusted after by a lot more guys than just him. He muses about her thigh gap, showering together, and mirror sex.

In the second verse of the video for ‘muse,’ things go a little haywire. Bloo and the girl start to fight, there are some slaps exchanged, and even some strangling is happening on top of satin sheets. It’s hot, no doubt, as some consenting adults do like a bit of roughness in the bedroom.

In the end, Bloo keeps repeating “You’re mine tonight” as the beat dies out. ‘muse’ is a good introductory song to Bloo’s album Fox and the City and the video has a high replay value for those interested in steaminess.

Check out Bloo’s ‘muse’ below.