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BLACKPINK’s Lalisa wants the whole world to say her name

The video is breaking records left and right

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Sep 2021

Following in the footsteps of her BLACKPINK sisters Jennie and Rosé, Lalisa has released her first solo song ‘Lalisa,’ as well as the track ‘Money’ and instrumentals for both. As expected, ‘Lalisa’ has exploded onto the world and become the fastest solo artist video to get 10 million views in just 90 minutes after it was released.

Lalisa has always been the ‘rapper’ of BLACKPINK, and in her first single, she definitely drops some fresh rhymes over a Twerked-out beat. The video is intended for mass consumption, but she does throw a few nice tidbits in there. As a matter of fact, Rap Against Dictatorship gave her some props because she gave a sly nod to the trouble happening in Thailand when she was running from the police with a megaphone.

While Lalisa has been one of the stars of the KPop band, she is actually Thai. In a recent online Q&A session, she explained that she wanted more Thai flair in her work, so she asked her producer Teddy to add it. In ‘Lalisa,’ viewers can see exactly when her Thai part happens because there’s a beat switch and she gets pretty fierce on the mic.

Overall, ‘Lalisa’ is destined to be a smash hit by anyone’s standards. If anyone didn’t know who Lalisa was, after this release, the whole world will be saying her name.

Check out Lalisa’s ‘Lalisa’ below.