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Blå Värld taps Eek-A-Mouse for new single on Silk Road Sounds

Left Field Swedish rapper & Reggae legend create a weird magic

LiFTED | Sean D | 16 Jan 2024

Hong Kong collective Yeti Out – and their left-of-center label Silk Road Sounds – have just dropped the most weird and wonderful track, ‘Down By the River’ by Swedish rapper Blå Värld featuring Eek-A-Mouse. Known for tapping into the subbiest of sub-genres, Yeti Out has really found a gem here. The electronic track ambles along with flute-like flourishes and an off-kilter beat, as Blå Värld does something akin to rapping – more like narrating a story and not worrying about rhyming.

Eek-A-Mouse, who ruled the Jamaican Dancehall in ’82 with big hits like ‘Wa-Do-Dem’ and ‘Virgin Girl,’ comes in for his signature melodic vocal skatting and other seemingly random bits of perfectly placed lyrics. The whole thing is about as avant-garde as you can imagine, but will surely appeal to those looking for something different. The music video was shot in Sweden with both artists together, which is also fun to see. Blå Värld’s whole album Haertbraek City on Silk Road Sounds is also out now, so check it out here.

Check Blå Värld featuring Eek-A-Mouse’s ‘Down By the River’ video and the album Haertbraek City below.