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BewhY’s calls for a groovy ‘Celebration’ as he heads to the military

It’s time to take a trip to funky town

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 11 Aug 2021

Get your boarding pass ready! Hop on flight Funk 032 because BewhY is taking everyone on a vacation with his brand new track ‘Celebration.’ The South Korean rapper and former Show Me The Money 5 winner caught a lot of fans off guard with his upbeat track reminiscent of Bruno Mars because his style is usually on the grimy side of things.

Released at the end of July, ‘Celebration’ is an outburst of joy as BewhY spits boastful bars about his exquisite taste in fashion and his successful career over a crisp uptempo beat. The funkiness swoons throughout the song as ‘Celebration’ brings the party into any living room.

The music video for ‘Celebration’ definitely makes people miss traveling with BewhY bringing his friends on an extravagant vacation with a private jet and fancy limousine while breakdancers bust their moves alongside the groovy tunes. Fans suspect the vacation is potentially referencing BewhY's upcoming musical hiatus due to his mandatory military enlistment, so consider this a heartfelt sendoff from the rapper.

Check out BewhY’s ‘Celebration’ below or listen to his full 032 Funk EP here.