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Bennett A.K. is pushing new ground with ‘J-Town Flow’

IndoDrill is the next big thing

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 30 Mar 2022

As the landscape of Hip Hop music continues to expand, Drill music has become highly influential since the genre first emerged in the 2010s with the success of artists like Pop Smoke and Migos. Over the last couple of years, we have seen rappers and MCs reinventing the genre, and it is about time we see Drill evolve into a new form. From Jakarta, Bennett A.K. is offering a fresh take on Drill in his latest release, ‘J-Town Flow.’

‘J-Town Flow’ is refreshing as it combines the grime of Drill with mysterious Bulgarian chanting music, plus the Indonesian-centric lyrics. The track starts with reverb-heavy Bulgarian chants and slowly progresses into the classic hard-hitting Drill. The triplet hi-hat pattern and the snares are essentially what gives Drill its spicy touch, which Bennett A.K. hits out of the park.

It’s not just the beat, though. Bennett A.K. burns it down in his rhymes, too, as he boastfully tells the story of his rapping career and how he excels. The ominous vibe plus his deep, husky vocal adds a seasoned punch to the already-intense track and makes it the perfect presentation of Drill music.

Debuting in 2019, the Jakarta-based rapper has been adventurous with his music career. His first album, Dismissal Of Disorder, spanned across the genre of Trap, G-Funk, and R&B, which attracted attention from music fans all over Indonesia. ‘J-Town Flow’ is his first big break as the track now has over 140,000 views on YouTube and earned him a spot to perform with RAMENGVRL at an upcoming live show at Bengkel Space. There is a long journey ahead for the budding MC, but Bennett A.K. has already proven that risk-taking pays off.

Check out Bennett A.K.’s ‘J-Town Flow’ below.