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Bình Gold makes his own rules in ‘BCDBL’

Race cars, mansions, & fine wine are his best friends

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 12 Feb 2022

Tattoo artist-turned-rapper Bình Gold never shies away from controversy. The Hanoi rapper, who is always in the spotlight for his rough-edged diss tracks and affluent lifestyle, never stops pushing boundaries while carrying on with his signature brand of extravagance.

‘BCDBL’ [short for Bật Chế Độ Bay Lên], which means elevate and fly high, follows the classic Yacht Rap tropes. If you are eager to learn how the rich live, you might get some clues from Bình Gold’s lyrics. The rapper name-drops all the fancy things he owns like diamonds, sapphires, or the Lamborghini Aventador or Huracan. This is his usual fare per se, but the real appeal is the harmony between his laid-back vocals, the dreamy ambient beat, and the half-speed tempos. Turns out, a quiet flex is louder than words.

Bình Gold gives us a peek into his opulent lifestyle in the music video. We see the rapper riding on yachts, leading a fleet of expensive cars, and hosting a black-tie party where his crew enjoys the company of some fly ladies and fancy wines. Bình Gold is going for a Beverly Hills vibe but on the streets and beaches in Hanoi. We are impressed how he pulled it off.

Yacht Rap, deriving from the subgenre of Luxury Rap, runs deep in Hip Hop’s blood. Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the Hip Hop movement emerged, many MCs and DJs came from impoverished or immigrant backgrounds. In order to show off their success, jewelry was worn as status symbols. Before we knew it, the genre of Luxury Hip Hop went all the way live. Showing off might be against traditional Asian values, but Bình Gold is making his own rules as he goes.

Check out Bình Gold’s ‘BCDBL’ below.