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Aru-2 returns on new album Anida with star-studded collaborations

It’s the spiritual successor to his 2020 album Little Heaven

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 10 Jun 2024

As a beatmaker and producer, Aru-2 has always channeled his life’s lessons and influences into his music. His latest album Anida is another landmark release in his storied career.

Known for his intricate production and delicate vocals, Aru-2 has spent the past four years crafting this project which is seen as a spiritual sequel to his 2020 album Little Heaven. Anida is a rich tapestry of musical experiences, featuring an impressive lineup of collaborators and a mellow groove that permeates the entire album.

The project is a culmination of sessions with artists from across Japan, showcasing Aru-2's ability to blend various influences and styles. The album includes contributions from Green Assassin Dollar, Kzyboost, SBK, Asei Muraguchi, and STUTS, along with tracks featuring notable names in the scene such as Daichi Yamamoto, Campanella, JJJ, MUTA, NF Zessho, Sharaku, and ISSUGI. The diverse roster of talent is a shining endorsement of Aru-2's influence on the scene while each artist contributes to his euphoric and immersive soundscapes.

A standout from the album is ‘Ase’ featuring Daichi Yamamoto. The track is a testament to Aru-2's signature style, combining his mellow grooves with Daichi Yamamoto's intricate rapping. The track serves as a fitting appetizer for what’s to come on the record - as each track offers a glimpse into the producer's evolving sound and his ability to create music that is both introspective and expansive.

Listen to Anu-2’s Anida below.