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Andree Right Hand, RHYDER & WOKEUP look out for each other on ‘Dân Chơi Sao Phải Khóc’

The Vietnamese trio drops a track about getting over heartbreak

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 9 Jan 2024

Andree Right Hand is one of the biggest Rap stars in Vietnam. Not only does he kill it on his tracks and the charts, but he also dabbles in the streetwear market, having founded $maker, a Vietnamese brand. It’s no surprise that in his newest music video for ‘Dân Chơi Sao Phải Khóc,’ he’s portrayed as the boss of a company. On the single, he collaborates with RHYDER, a young Vietnamese singer, and WOKEUP, who produced the track, which is a three-minute journey about getting over heartbreak.

‘Dân Chơi Sao Phải Khóc’ loosely translates to ‘Why Do Players Cry?’, and the music video depicts that sentiment exactly. It starts with cuts of RHYDER and his girl, alongside footage of the singer working in the office. It then jumps to a cut of the girl leaving him at dinner for the club, where she meets another man.

Andree Right Hand notices it, and the video cuts to a scene where he’s sitting in the back seat of the car with RHYDER’s girl beside him. RHYDER witnesses this as he goes on a walk at night, and confronts Andree the next day, thinking Andree stole his girl. Andree then shows him footage of her at the club, showing him how his girl is.

RHYDER is then seen visibly distressed and hits the bottle to drown his sorrows. But Andree picks him up, celebrates him for his work in the office, and throws a party for him at the club. While it’s a sad thing to go through, it’s easier when you have the right ones around you.

Check out the video for Andree Right Hand, RHYDER, and WOKEUP’s ‘Dân Chơi Sao Phải Khóc’ below.