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Amir Hasan invites you to party on ‘Tango’ with Rebel Asia

The Malaysian singer takes a detour into Hip Hop

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 1 Nov 2023

Amir Hasan is not a rapper. Before the release of ‘Tango,’ he has always been known more for his soulful Pop ballads. Yet he’s evolved since his last release ‘Tenang Tanya Tuhan,’ which saw him croon over Hip Hop instrumentals at a flick of a switch. For this track, he dove headfirst into Hip Hop with ‘Tango.’

Rapping over a drill beat, Amir shows that his rhymes on the mic are as smooth as his melodies. Taking on a much more rugged approach, it’s definitely a new side of him that’s elevated by Rebel Asia’s performance. An icon in the Malaysian Hip Hop scene, Rebel Asia’s presence alone is the perfect cosign for Amir’s foray into the genre. He comes with a confident verse that grounds the track in legitimacy.

In the music video for ‘Tango,’ we see both artists rap under Malaysia’s many sky-high highways and also while they drive around while rapping about the Ferraris they own.

Check out the music video for Amir Hasan and Rebel Asia’s ‘Tango’ below.