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alldei merges Hip Hop & mindfulness on the soulful ‘Nikano’

The creative entity’s latest work resonates in the heart & soul

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 2 Aug 2021

alldei is not a conventional Hip Hop duo who boasts about money, guns, drugs, and all the shorties they’ve bagged. The mindful group of Ørumari & Tactmatic share a distinctive aesthetic for video, art, food, shelter, fashion, and most importantly, an acute understanding of life. They’ve combined as the group alldei to document their thoughts and stories of adventuring throughout Malaysia, and are very aware of the impact of words and actions.

On July 31, alldei released ‘Nikano’ which directly translates into ‘you’re missing’ in Tamil. The soulful track is a fusion of electronic, R&B, and autotuned Rap. Layered over a hazy beat, Ørumari & Tactmatic manipulate their vocals with echo-y effects which cultivate a tranquil vibe where the mind can easily relax when taking in the song. ‘Nikano’ beautifully portrays a judgment-free space with its sensible lyrics.

Spirituality and Hip Hop might be an odd couple, but alldei is proving that people enjoy this unique combination.

Check out alldei’s ‘Nikano’ below.