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Alex Bruce flexes her ‘BLING’ with Costa Cashman

It’s the first-ever collab for the 17-year-old Filipino MC

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 18 Jan 2024

It’s not easy to make your mark and find your voice as an artist, but 17-year old Filipino rapper Alex Bruce has done just that since her debut in 2018. Always choosing to stand alone by the mic, she’s been giving us a flurry of tracks that are raw and personal.

Her latest single ‘BLING’ marks a significant step for Alex Bruce because it’s the first time she shares equal billing with another artist, Costa Cashman, who also does the production alongside BRGR. It blends the unique styles of all three artists for a seamless fusion of minimalist Rap over a spacey beat.

While ‘BLING’ might initially sound like the typical flexing anthem, there's more depth to it than meets the ear. Alex Bruce dives into the meaning behind the track, stating, “This song celebrates our success as an artist and how we’ve come a long way in surmounting the challenges in our respective careers.” She adds, “We’re both bragging respectfully, but there’s more to this track than flaunting our achievements. It’s also about hard work and rewarding yourself and the people around you who made it possible for you to survive and win in life.”

Expressing her confidence in the material, especially the technical aspects of production, Alex Bruce emphasizes, “I’ve always trusted Cashman and BRGR when it comes to dishing out the best beats to complement my energy and delivery.”

The single comes with a music video where both artists rap in a behind-the-scenes photoshoot. Turns out their bling goes beyond the material as they flex their out-of-this-world fashion senses too.

In addition to being a musical force, Alex Bruce has recently showcased her talents on a global stage, headlining a FIBA halftime performance for the renowned international brand NIKE.

Check out the video for Alex Bruce and Costa Cashman’s ‘BLING’ below.