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5lack’s ‘5o tight So deeP’ is touching tribute to SHAKKAZOMBIE's BIG-O

The late rapper’s life is celebrated with a Trap groover

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 23 Jun 2021

Saying farewell to friends is always hard. Tokyo-based rapper 5lack has said farewell with a new single, ‘5o tight So deeP’ to grieve the death of his late friend and senpai, BIG-O.

BIG-O was an influential figure in the Japanese underground Hip Hop scene, as his rap group SHAKKAZOMBIE was one of the pioneers of hip hop culture in Tokyo back in the early 90s. Also, his fashion labels SWAGGER, PHENOMENON, and MISTERGENTLEMAN were pushing out streetwear and loved by fashionistas and street culture fanatics.

‘5o tight So deeP’ is a moving and soulful Trap tribute featuring fellow rappers PUNPEE and the rest of SHAKKAZOMBIE. 5lack kicks things off with gratitude to BIG-O for introducing Hip Hop to kids in the 90s, chanting ‘Rest in paradise, BIG-O様.’ Sonically the track is layered with electronic chimes, an auto-tuned female vocal, and a wheezing bassline with a subtle orchestral arrangement. 5lack, Yama-chan from SHAKKAZOMBIE and PUNPEE take turns dropping bars as they pay their respects to the OG, touching on how BIG-O enriched their lives with his immense talent and generosity. PUNPEE closes things out by honoring BIG-O as the 龍宮の海神 [A god of the Ocean], a high honor in Japanese culture.

‘5o tight So deeP’ is one of three tracks released from 5lack’s upcoming EP BIG-O Da Ultimate. Much like the name suggests, the whole project is a tribute to BIG-O. While other collabs have yet to be revealed, 5lack announced on his social media the EP will come out in June.

Check out 5lack’s ‘5o tight So deeP’ below.