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4PK presents OriGinal MCs live

The Christmas Day show will feature Hong Kong OGs

LiFTED | Sean D | 21 Dec 2023

ORIGINAL, a new name for some of Hong Kong’s most celebrated rappers, will take the stage on December 25 at E-Max Music Zone in Kowloon Bay. The show will be a tour de force of various members of some of the city’s most notorious groups, including MC Yan, CHEF, TT, ADV, Kidflow, and JYD.

From the grassroots of Hong Kong’s glorious Hip Hop lineage, these MCs are here to inform and reverberate the message of Love and Unity – through clever wordplay and conscious lyrics. If music is the language of the heart, then the OriGinal crew will be spreading more than heavy beats and rhymes on Christmas Day – they’ll be spreading LOVE.

Performance details:

Date - December 25, 2023 [Monday]

Time - 7:30 PM [Doors Open] 8 PM [Show]

Address - Music Zone @Emax Ticket price - $420 [all seats]

Tickets can be purchased here.