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1MILL gets busy on latest video ‘Fu*k It Up’

The 19-year-old is putting in the work

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 3 May 2022

1MILL is doing it all. Only a month and a half ago, he released his latest album, ONLY1!, which was supposed to be an EP but because he made more songs, he stretched it out. With that release, he put out the video for ‘Sober,’ which the MC and the crew were not as they got their drink and smoke on in it.

Last week, 1MILL had a verse on the blockbuster video with F.HERO, VannDa, and SPRITE, ‘Run the Town,’ where he showed up with a ski mask on and got busy. Now, only a few days after breaking the internet, 1MILL is back at it again with ‘Fu*k It Up,’ where he really gives his audience a taste of what he likes.

“I just be takin’ these drugs, takin’ these drugs, takin’ these drugs/I got a house on the hill/I’m finna turn it to the club/Boy i just caught the dub/Already got drank in my cups/And i’m ready to turn up/My demons said “Fuck it up.” The chorus leaves no room for imagination on where 1MILL and his crew is about partying. Thailand is the new spot for legal cannabis, and young, rich rappers will be taking advantage of this in every way.

The video for ‘Fu*k It Up’ shows 1MILL at the gas station flexing, doing some live shows, some gats, and a lot of shots of his new gold fronts. It’s shot in night vision green, which gives it a CCTV-style making it old and new school cool at the same time.

Check out 1MILL’s ‘Fu*k It Up’ below.