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YLN Foreign leads Show Me The Money alumni in a 16-minute cypher showdown

Underground KHop flexing its muscles

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 12 Jan 2022

It feels like new rappers with bars are getting minted daily in the highly competitive KHop scene, so the competition is no joke. YLN Foreign has recently collaborated with names like San E, but he’s keeping it real and harnessing all that verbal fire into a 16-minute cypher session with fellow MCs A-Chess and Cho Woo Jin.

The ‘Rising Verse’ cypher is a 16-minute banger where the three rappers take turns performing snippets of their hit tracks while a DJ drops the beats. The trio starts with a collaborative verse that shows off their individual styles. YNL Foreign brought the big guns, as the star-in-making incorporated his three biggest hits: the head-banging ‘BANDS BIGGER’, lyrical ‘Bluff,’ and boastful ‘DNA’ into the mix. His flow is smooth and assured, and he drops in plenty of English references, including a shout-out to his NYC homies.

Choo Woo Jin is second-in-line in the cypher. The former Show Me The Money 777 contestant has been independent for the last three years, but recently signed to HYBE's sub-label, Big Hit Music, and will make his formal debut for them later in 2022. Despite being the least well-known of the trio, Choo Woo Jin truly makes his mark. With a piercing voice and spitfire flow, he takes us on a lyrical trip through his 2018 hit ‘개인주의2,’ followed by his R&B-infused ‘Loyalty.’

A-Chess came in last to wrap up the ensemble. As one of the very few rappers who have appeared in almost every season of Show Me The Money, his name is well-known to most KHop fans. A-Chess puts his versatility and range to the test as he glides through Boom Bap and smooth R&B styles, carrying it off effortlessly, and his tight flow rides the rhythm in style.

‘Rising Verse’ has been a major platform for young Korean rappers to rock the mic to new audiences. The compact medley-like format is accessible for online audiences, and also allows rappers to unleash their skills.

Check out the ‘Rising Verse’ cypher starring YLN Foreign, A-Chess, Cho Woo Jin below.