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Yayoi Daimon ‘Ridin’ with Amra

The Japan-Mongolian connection is so right now

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Mei 2024

Springtime is the best time for Yayoi Daimon. She has been going to SXSW each year and smashing it, then heading out on a tour of the US for a bit. This year, she released ‘Sisterhood’ in March and now she’s back with a collab with Mongolian songstress Amra, ‘Ridin.’ Since Amra also played SXSW, it’s only right to think these two linked up there for the song and video.

Instead of singing, though, Amra picks up the mic and goes for it. She starts off her verse over a fresh melodic Trap beat by the Digital Ninja. After spitting, she does go back to singing on the chorus, which sounds lightly stoney in the best way. Yayoi goes smooth on the second verse and makes a song that is one for the late-night afterparties.

The video sees the two MCs playing some cards, crashing a fashion shop after hours with flashlights, and riding down the streets on electric scooters. It’s a fun rumble through the town when the sun goes down.

Check out Yayoi Daimon and Amra’s ‘Ridin’ below.