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Kazakh Rapper Tota bursts onto the scene with 'Coquette'

A debut single that will turn heads and move dance floors

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 26 Mar 2022

The definition of coquette is a woman who appeals to and manipulates men with her charms to get what she wants. Thus, choosing to name her first official release under this title is a bold statement from the Singapore-based Kazakh rapper. Tota Zhiyenkulova comes out the door swinging with a track that embraces her confidence and oozes sensuality that makes ‘Coquette’ an absolutely enchanting listen.

Enlisting the help of .benzo for the track’s chorus, Tota is given free rein to unleash her bars of empowerment and self-love. Over the subdued production, she prowls and entices listeners with a sultry performance that never forgets its intention to prove her worth in the Rap game.

“‘Coquette’ is a song about owning my own personality. I believe in astrology and my star sign is Pisces, the twin fish. The two fish are connected by a cord, and they are swimming in opposite directions, living between fantasy and reality,” Tota said in a press statement.

The song comes with a music video set in Singapore’s National Gallery, showcasing Tota’s long-proven talent as a captivating dancer. Speaking on the video, Tota revealed that “as an upcoming artist, I wanted to make an entrance into the Singapore music scene, and I knew this location would be perfect for me”, referring to the venue’s dedication to the preservation of the local arts. The music video will be released in the near future.

Check out Tota’s ‘Croquette’ below.