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‘Top Gyal’ Yayoi Daimon delivers a feminist Dancehall anthem

First single for the newly independent Japanese artist

LiFTED | Sean D | 27 Jul 2021

In a clear attempt to break free of the conformity of her environment, Yayoi Daimon states, “I need to be me, you need to be you” at the top of her press release for her new single ‘Top Gyal.’ Yayoi Daimon has always had the ability to shock though her straight-up feminist lyrics. Tracks like ‘NO BRA!’ or lyrics like ‘My P***y, my choice’ have emboldened women and shocked Japanese audiences into paying attention prior to her recent move to Los Angeles, but besides that there is the music.

‘Top Gyal’ is built on a sparse, kick-heavy Dancehall riddim by fellow Osaka native DADDY DRAGON, and it grooves and crackles with real yard energy. Yayoi Daimon doesn’t disappoint, starting things off with ‘My p***y clean, 24/7 go hard and free’ as she espouses the raw, independent female vibes that have been her calling card. Her flow is strong and sultry, as she rides the riddim like a vet, and this track establishes her as another strong Asian female voice along with artists like Suboi, Pyra, and Ramengvrl.

Check out Yayoi Daimon's 'Top Gyal' below.