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Wear lunch on your T-shirt with The Goods Department’s Fashion Feast

Who needs Supreme when you can have Indonesian chicken noodles printed on your tee?

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 10 Sep 2021

The times are changing when it comes to streetwear. In recent years, fashion enthusiasts are leaning more towards cheeky humor than overpriced ‘cool’ items. Jakarta-based concept store The Goods Department is here to show you how it should be done with their latest collection Fashion Feast.

Fashion Feast comes with a twist - Indonesia’s street food is the star of the collaboration. Local favorites including mie ayam [chicken noodles], cilot [tapioca dumplings], seblak [spicy soup with meat] and ayam geprek [fried chicken with sambol] are imprinted on T-shirts with snappy graphic designs. Our favorite is the seblak shirt. Not only does the photos on the front look delicious, but it also playfully spoofs the Subway Sandwich logo.

There is also a brief introduction of the food printed on the shirt, so people can learn a little bit more about the delicacies. With the pandemic keeping the world at a standstill, these slick shirts are probably the closest we will get to experiencing the unique culinary delights of Indonesia for the time being.

Check out The Goods Department’s Fashion Feast collection below.