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Police say 13 dead, 40 injured in Thai nightclub fire

The blaze was put out after three hours

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Agu 2022

At 1 am on Friday, August 5, a fire broke out at Mountain B, a popular nightclub in Chonburi province, 150 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. Thirteen people have been reported killed in the fire, while 35 have been reported injured.

Alarming footage from outside the nightclub was posted to Facebook showing people running away from the blaze with their clothes and bodies on fire screaming for their lives. The dead - four women and nine men - were found in the bathroom and close to the entrance.

The firefighters were able to put out the blaze in three hours. It is believed that the fire was accelerated by the soundproofing foam in and around the walls of the club.

Tragic fire in Thailand

There have been a few fires in nightclubs in Thailand before. In 2009, 66 people died on New Year’s Eve after a band set fireworks off onstage. In 2012, four people were killed in a nightclub due to a fire from an electrical fault.

Thailand is notorious for its countless bars, pubs, and nightclubs which don’t always adhere to health and safety regulations.

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