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Ted Park gets in his feelings for the McRib in Instagram video

“She fell in love with a McRib”

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Nov 2022

The McRib has been an anomaly since it was created in 1981. The boneless pork sandwich has been on and off the menu at McDonald’s since then and lately, it has been reintroduced with much fanfare around the world.

This year, McDonald’s has vowed that this is the final time the McRib will be offered. They’ve even gone so far as to call the latest offering of the McRib the Farewell Tour. Looking back at McDonald’s history, though, they’ve had quite a few “Farewell Tours” for the McRib over the years, so this is most likely all a marketing stunt to go viral.

On November 5, Ted Park took to his IG to show his love for the McRib by posting a video rhyming about the saucy sandwich with pickles and onions on top. In it, the Madison-born MC started off by inviting a woman over for a sandwich, “She fell in love with a McRib.” From there, Ted talks about Uber-ing to McDonald’s to get one, McRib sauce on his Rick Owens shoes, and how he wanted to dip his French Fries in some special sauce.

The McRib may or may not be gone from McDonald’s on November 20, but Ted Park’s ode to his favorite fast food sandwich will live on forever on Instagram.

Check out Ted Park’s video below.