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Beijing-based SOULGOODS reveals Basquiat collab

Looking for any last-minute Christmas presents for that fashionista in your life?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Des 2021

With the slogan “From Beijing to the World,” streetwear company SOULGOODS wears its Chinese-ness on its sleeve. Now, SOULGOODS is going Old School New York City as it collabs with the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat for their final drop of the year. With long-sleeved T-shirts, down jackets, and suits emblazoned with the innovative artist’s paintings and sketches, anything from this collection would be a perfect last-minute Christmas gift for a hipster, fashionista, or Hip Hop artist.

Basquiat has quietly become the mascot for rich Hip Hop stars - Jay Z owns one of his paintings and has even started to look like the artist in his later years. Although he struggled in the New York art world while he was alive, he eventually became the toast of the town and has definitely gotten his flowers after his untimely death, with his downtown post-graffiti style becoming the go-to collab with major brands these days.

Anyone who can get their hands on the SOULGOODS capsule would be smart to do so.

Check out SOULGOODS IG for more info or go to their website and order the collab here.