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SNEAK PEEK: Bryn’s new video funded by LiFTED & Jägermeister’s The Next 5

This creative grant helps the South Korean artist shoot the visual for her next single

LiFTED | Sean D | 31 Jan 2023

South Korean artist Bryn has been making a lot of noise in 2022 with some big tracks, including the relentless remix of RAMENGVRL and PH-1’s ‘Aint No MFer Like Me’ with Ash-B, and her single for Asiatic.wav ‘Members Only’ with Bangkokboy, to name a few. She’s definitely on the come-up.

When we were compiling our first LiFTED 50 ranking it was really hard naming the final 10 – and Bryn was right there among others. Luckily, our partner Jägermeister stepped up and we created The Next 5 – five artists who were bubbling under the top 50 best of Asian Hip Hop. And along with Haysen Cheng, GERDNANG, Seedhe Maut, and Kazuo, Bryn received a creative grant to help kickstart the next project – and hopefully propel them all into the next big phase of their careers.

LiFTED & Jägermeister’s The Next 5's creative grant helped with Bryn's latest single 'Fill Me Up'

We feel like 2023 is going to be big for Bryn, and that starts with her next single ‘Fill Me Up’ which hasn’t been released yet, but it’s coming next week. It’s a bit of a departure for Bryn, clubbier and deeper…well, you’ll see. Here’s a little teaser for you courtesy of us.

Check out a sneak peek of Bryn’s ‘Fill Me Up’ below.