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RuthKo tells it like it is on ‘OKG’

The KlapYaHandz standout MC is rapping in 3 languages

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Mei 2022

Make no mistake about it. RuthKo is not a clown, and if you treat him like one, you’re going to find out what happens. In RuthKo’s latest song, ‘OKG,’ he gives this very blunt warning and some veiled threats to the haters, and he does it in three languages - English, French, and Khmer.

Things get somber from the jump as Sowann Song’s Drill beat is as slow as a heartbeat and as dark as a corner in a back alley in downtown Phnom Penh. RuthKo’s first words on the hook show how serious he is, “I ain't no clown like you/Can't bring me down fuck your crew/OKG outside the zoo/Wu wu wu/Thug life in the streets/yeah that's all I do.”

OKG here stands for original Khmer gangsters, and the video shows some gangbangers as well as KlapYaHandz’s big dogs Vin Vitou and IzameSiva. RuthKo goes on to warn people in English, French, and Khmer that they shouldn’t mess with him or his crew. Throughout the video, a clown pops in and out. This is not your run-of-the-mill kids’ clown. Instead, it’s more like the clown that shows up in your nightmares and keeps coming back.

The final sound of the video is the clicking of a gun, so maybe it’s best to be careful when acting like a clown around RuthKo because you don’t want to get the OKGs upset.

Check out RuthKo’s ‘OKG’ below.