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Malaysian rapper Roshan Jamrock leaves it all on the floor for ‘You Do You’

The song released on his father’s birthday is an amalgamation of Hip Hop, R&B, House & EDM

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 Jun 2023

Rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter Roshan Jamrock has a great backstory. He’s Malaysian, but was born in Saudi Arabia and is of Filipino and Indian descent. He raps, makes beats, and does live shows all over Asia. He’s also part of the K-Town Clan.

When listening to his latest track, ‘You Do You,’ one can feel all these influences on it as it floats from Hip Hop to EDM to R&B to House and back. ‘You Do You’ also features the singer Dasha Logan, who adds soft elements to the chorus.

In the video for ‘You Do You,’ Roshan stops at a local watering hole, downs a beer, reflects on his father’s influence on his life, and decides to go to the barber shop to cut off his dreads. For someone who has been growing their hair for years and uses the last name of Jamrock, this is not an easy choice, but it is freeing. He raps while he’s cutting the dreads off, and it gives him the freedom to experiment on the song as well with his fresh new cut.

Roshan Jamrock is doing a lot of big things in the Malaysian Hip Hop scene and ‘You Do You’ seems like the start of his next chapter.

Check out Roshan Jamrock’s ‘You Do You’ below.