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Repaze & K.Aglet flex their lyrical skills in ‘Pure Rap’

Sometimes all that is needed is just rapping

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 17 Des 2021

It’s been almost nine years since Eminem released the mega-hit Rap God, a track that is nothing but lyrical skills and braggadocio. Now, two young Thai rappers look to revisit that magic with the release of ‘Pure Rap.’

Like the title suggests, ‘Pure Rap’ is four minutes of straightforward rapping coming from Repaze and K.Aglet. Backed by DJ TNT’s skillful table-turning and ZOL’s gradual beat which brings a sense of early 2000s funk, Repaze and K.Aglet go on a bar-spitting rampage. Both their lyrical swords are equally bold and sharp, but K.Aglet leans more to the smooth rhymes. On the other hand, Repaze goes for throat-cutting jabs, saying his flow ‘flips like Tony Hawk’ and ‘snags like Mozart.’ Some may call them grandiose, but that’s what Hip Hop is. The duo truly carries their snappy words with attitude and we are not complaining.

The music video opens with a news sequence, and we see the duo looking fly as they are doing a B&E. From there, they start dropping lyrics at the security cameras embedded in the home, in the back of the fridge, by the computer and more. It’s a DIY video, but the focus here is on the lyrics of steel.

Thai Hip Hop fans are probably familiar with Repaze, who calls himself The Thailand Chopper, and has been a frequent attendant in rap shows such as The Rapper and YouTube series Back War. K.Aglet, on the other hand, was recently known by audiences for his quick wit from Show Me The Money Thailand 2. These MCs might not be household names yet, but given how much talent they exhibit in ‘Pure Rap,’ we can expect the duo to fully reach their potential in the near future.

Check out Repaze and K.Aglet featuring DJ TNT’s ‘Pure Rap’ below.