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RIP to MJ's legendary dance teacher: Bruno 'Pop N Taco' Falcon

His spirit lives on despite departing Long Beach after an inspiring 58 years

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 4 Jul 2022

The news about the death of Bruno ‘Pop ‘N Taco’ Falcon, aka King Snake, the dance teacher and choreographer of Michael and Janet Jackson, at the age of 58 has flooded Hip Hop’s social media. The legendary dancer passed away at his home in Long Beach, California on Saturday. His sister, Diana Wolgamott, said his death was from natural causes.

Mexican-American Pop ‘N Taco fell in love with dancing instantly as a kid and quickly became one of the first well-known Hispanic dancers. He was in classic films like Breakin’ in 1984, as well as Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’ and Chaka Khan’s ‘I Feel For You’ videos. He was also in many of Michael Jackson’s videos and had a hand in making popping, locking, and breaking popular to the mainstream.

Pop N Taco ultimately wound up as Michael Jackson’s dance teacher for 18 years, showing the late pop icon popping, waving, gliding, snaking, and animation techniques. Taco's influence on MJ is clearly shown when MJ executes his King Cobra moves and the famous moonwalk from Billie Jean MTV 1995. He explained in an interview how he inspired MJ with dancing sound effects, and how MJ has mastered it in his movie ‘Ghosts’.

This amazing yet humble OG was still actively teaching and inspiring younger generations in recent years before he passed away, as he was still hosting workshops and courses in his hometown. What Taco has brought to this world from his heart will long live within the hearts of all dancers as they always remember his brilliance when they pop, lock, and break.