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Pizza Hut Taiwan & rapper Leo王 drop it like it’s hot

The zany commercial is divine comedy

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 31 Mar 2022

Whoever is in charge of marketing at Pizza Hut Taiwan needs a raise. Actually, just make this person head of marketing for all Fortune 500 companies because this person is a visionary with a backbone made of titanium.

It all started with Taiwan’s boba addiction. In Taiwan, boba tea shops are on every corner, and adding the pearls of brown sugar into desserts became very fashionable at the end of the 2010s. Pizza Hut upped the ante and decided to make a boba pizza, which is disgusting. People are out here talking about if pineapples go on pizza, while Pizza Hut is putting boba on it. The thing is that this marketing stunt took off. Soon, Dominoes and all the other pizza joints had their own flavor of boba pizza and it was a hit.

What could be done to top boba pizza? In 2020, Pizza Hut Taiwan introduced Ramen Pizza to the dismay of Italians, Japanese, and most other human beings on the planet. BUT. IT. SOLD. People want to try things that are gross [see stinky tofu as example number 1], so Ramen Pizza was another hit.

Now, the testers in Pizza Hut Taiwan’s marketing department have come up with something even more abominable - cilantro, intestine, and pig’s blood pizza. Read that again. Cilantro. Intestine. Pig’s blood pizza. That combination sends chills down the spine, but it’s sending Pizza Hut to the moon as everyone is talking about it. The coolest thing about this loathsome pizza is that they’ve gotten famous director Liao Renshuai to direct a campy commercial starring Taiwanese rapper Leo王, who is known for being a judge on MTV’s The Rappers as well as starring as indigestion in his last video.

Leo王 stars with Chun Yang as a Batman and Robin-like team who are in the midst of a 1960s televised dancing show where there are bell bottoms, disco moves, and a few pairs of plastic blue sandals. According to the director, the idea was to make all the ‘Tai-ke’ [very Taiwanese] things look cool instead of old fashioned. He did it and much more as the video has gotten more than 400,000 views in less than a week and continued the trend of Pizza Hut Taiwan being the coolest marketing company in the world.

Check out Leo王 in the Pizza Hut Taiwan commercial below.