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Thailand’s Pan Buriram weed festival postponed

MILLI, Joey Boy & others were supposed to perform

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 19 Okt 2022

From first-hand reports, Thailand’s legalization of marijuana in June is going just about the way everyone expected it to. Weed and weed smoke is everywhere, tourists are flocking to the Asian Amsterdam, and Thai government officials are a bit nervous in the what-the-hell-did-we-do kind of way.

The Pan Buriram festival that was set for November has decided to postpone things for now. The reason given for this was last week’s withdrawal of the Cannabis Act by Thailand’s parliament. While this hasn’t affected consumption, growers and vendors have a lot of new regulations to be fully legal.

The Pan Buriram festival was supposed to have Thai superstar MILLI, OG MC Joey Boy, and others on the bill as well as a weed strain competition. “It just doesn’t feel right,” said Pan Buriram founder Nan Chidchob told Coconuts Thailand. “I don’t think it’s possible for the vendors or the growers, or to hold a growing competition. There are laws to respect. We don’t want to put anyone at risk of breaking the law.”

This has made people worried that Thailand may re-criminalize marijuana in the near future as things are getting a little too crazy. Nan assures people that this is not the case and that the Pan Buriram will definitely happen in the future “As soon as there’s more clarity in how people can go about cultivating.”

[News from Coconuts Thailand]