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MAR2INA paints a Nissan Z to celebrate her birthday

Even though she can’t drive, MAR2INA will be styling wherever she goes

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius [Photos by Danny Chu] | 22 Feb 2023

Some people plan lavish parties with all their friends to celebrate their birthdays. Other people battle Father Time in their own way and don’t want anyone to know they are getting older so they hide in their housees and cry. Both ways of celebration are fine, but Taiwan’s biggest female graffiti artist, MAR2INA, wanted to do something totally off the wall for her birthday today, February 22. She decided to paint a Nissan Z in a style that only she could do.

It’s unbelievable.

MAR2INA will be taking her new ride around everywhere she goes, but she can’t drive. Thank goodness she has a manager with a license. LiFTED caught up with the artists on her birthday to get a little more info on what she’s doing and why.

MAR2INA by Danny Chu
MAR2INA by Danny Chu

How did the idea of doing graffiti on a Nissan Z come about?

Before I painted this car, I actually painted a whole bus. I talked to my collector about spray painting a supercar and he felt that the idea was great and thinks it fits my style of work. He decided to invest in me and buy me a car to paint on.


MAR2INA by Danny Chu
MAR2INA by Danny Chu

Why are you releasing the car on your birthday?

My birthday is a very lucky date. Since two in the Mandarin language sounds like rabbit. Plus, I’m lucky that I can register my plate with my favorite numbers 0222. These numbers actually mean a lot to me.


MAR2INA by Danny Chu
MAR2INA by Danny Chu

Is this now the car that you will be driving around in every day?

I don’t know how to drive a car, but I have a manager that can take me everywhere and have my car full of artwork with me. Now my artwork can travel with me everywhere I go around Taiwan.


MAR2INA by Danny Chu
MAR2INA by Danny Chu

What are your plans for the car now that it’s finished? Do you have any of big plans for 2023?

Yeah, we will be working with a big coffee brand company. We will let everyone know more about this soon. I'm also having an exhibition in Korea in May with artwork that will be exclusive to Korea. I can’t wait.

[有! 今年三月會與知名連鎖咖啡品牌合作,五月會到韓國展覽我的作品]

All photos and translations by photographer Danny Chu