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LIFTED NFT [003] LiFTED releases 2 NFTs of 3rd cover with Prabh Deep

The cover or a 3D rendering of it can be yours for a price

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 2 Jun 2021

NFT madness isn’t stopping. It’s only getting bigger and bigger. With the increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency, NFTs are the biggest thing on the internet in 2021.

Along with NFT [001] of Bohan Phoenix, NFT [002] of Mrs M, you can complete your collection with NFT [003] of Prabh Deep.

This cover features India’s fastest-rising Hip Hop star Prabh Deep. He spins a narrative of soulful redemption and hopes mixed with wistful regret and cautionary warning, all while he leads the emerging Desi Hip Hop scene.

One NFT just wasn't enough. There are two NFTs this time. You can go for the cover here. Or you can go for the 3D animation here.

This artwork is limited to 1 copy.

It is created and owned exclusively by LiFTED and b2 Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong.