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The K-POPS! Dumbfoundead & Anderson .Paak is working on isn’t what you think

The homies are making their debuts as producer & director

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 21 Mei 2022


It’s obvious that Dumbfoundead [Jonathan Edgar Park] is Korean, but what about Anderson .Paak? The eight-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, rapper, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist has Korean blood, too. These two homies are combining to produce and direct K-POPS!, but it’s not exactly what you think it is.

In the dramatic comedy for Stampede Ventures, the movie tells a story of a washed-up musician who finds out his long-lost son is fronting one of Korea’s hottest groups during his trip to the country to write for K-pop stars. The movie stars .Paak as well as his son, Soul Rasheed, as the lead actor.

“My mom is from Korea but she was adopted, so I never knew anything about my Korean heritage until I met my wife. This movie is a reflection on my experience learning about this part of myself alongside my Korean wife and son – and spending even more time with them!” said .Paak of his role in K-POPS!

The multi-talented .Paak is channeling his creativity into Hollywood roles by popping his cherry as a director and co-writing the script with screenwriter Khalia Amazan. “I knew this would be something I should write and direct, and Stampede Ventures took a chance and trusted that I could pull this off. I’m excited to bring it to the big screen.”

Well known for his witty and socially conscious lyrics, rapper and actor Dumbfoundead is one of the most prominent Asian-American rappers in the US, who was born in Buenos Aires to South Korean immigrants. His family ended up settling in the Koreatown of L.A., California, the birth state of .Paak.

“As a long-time friend of Anderson’s I’ve seen him expand his creative vision time and time again,” said Dumbfounded. “I’m excited for my production company Big Dummie to be a part of this unique story that brings together and celebrates Black and Asian culture through the love of music. I also can’t wait for the world to meet his son, Soul Rasheed, who I know everyone is going to love!”