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Jay Park joins esports organization Gen.G

GEMINI & Mirani’s ‘Rollin’ is the first release under Jay Park’s advisory

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 10 Okt 2022

Music and sport have always been intertwined. Through halftime shows, entrance theme songs, or anthemic chants from fans, these two cultures will always be permeating each other’s air. It’s normal for rappers to name-drop basketball and football stars in their bars, whether it’s to pay homage or to slyly diss them is another story. However, there is no better way to connect sports and music than through tapping into the passion of their fans and joining them all together.

The global esports organization Gen.G sees this as they have officially enlisted Korean-American rapper and producer Jay Park to be their Executive and Entertainment Advisor. Right now, the biggest competition for the online game League of Legends, in which Gen.G is competing in, is ongoing. The League of Legends World Championship is the culmination of the season, where the best teams from all over the world duke it out to be crowned world champions.

As his first act as the Executive and Entertainment Advisor for Gen.G, ‘Rollin,’ a track produced by GroovyRoom and performed by emerging Korean stars GEMINI and Mirani, was created under the advisory of Park. The track is now used for Gen.G’s entrance into the League of Legends World Championship. In a press statement, Park shared, “Practically every young artist I've worked with has mentioned how into gaming they are, so this is very exciting to be working with Gen.G to give incredible artists like GEMINI and Mirani to the global gaming audience.”

Gen.G’s CEO, Arnold Hur also acknowledges the space in which music and sport, digital or not, exist. Via a statement, he said, “The intersection between gaming and music continues to grow, so to have Jay's talent and vision only amplifies our commitment to deliver unforgettable experiences for our Tiger Nation.”

Check out GEMINI and Mirani’s ‘Rollin’ below.