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IKA aims to help young women unleash their power in ‘LAVA’

The video is one part #SilhouetteChallenge and one part feminist power play

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 19 Mar 2021

With a skittering beatbox by WizzerOnTheBeat as an intro, ‘LAVA’ heats up the place right from the get-go. IKA, a 24-year-old Hong Kong artist, aims to uplift young women with her new song by showing that females are multifaceted.

“It's a song where you can vibe with your girlfriends; it makes you feel like a ‘bad bish.’ Being able to be soft and gentle but powerful is the real strength of modern women,” IKA said in an interview with LiFTED. “The whole song revolves around a red theme that represents lava, passion, fierceness, and mind power. It’s like when a woman embraces her greatness, she unleashes her power like lava and becomes unbeatable.”


Brought up in a conservative household in Hong Kong, IKA has raised a lot of eyebrows with her newly-found sensuousness. “I want more Asian women to embrace their sexuality and open themselves to feminine energy. I came from a conservative Chinese upbringing where I was naturally very shy to talk about sexuality, plus I felt uncomfortable owning my sexiness. That’s why in the video I use both a qipao and a western look to contrast the challenge. I feel like every girl who walks into womanhood has to work on this chapter of her life.’

IKA loves entertainers. She cites Michael and Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, and Beyonce as her influences and loves their stage presence as well as the impact they have made on millions of people. “I believe performing is the equivalent to giving a speech in the musical form. When I was small I was always in awe of the powerful impact music and artists had to stir emotions. I told myself I would like to help people connect and unite together through music,” IKA said.

While she’s new to the Hong Kong music scene, IKA believes she has a lot to offer. ‘I turn to music and art to express myself freely. Even though there’s a strong English music scene in Hong Kong, there are not enough female artists. I hope to reshape the representation of Asian women with my art.”

IKA’s LAVA can be watched below.