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E.So & MC Jin take it back to the essence of Hip Hop

The intergenerational Asian Hip Hop superstar combination on The Rap of China gives all the chills

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 31 Mei 2023

The Rap of China 2023 on iQIYI TW is out and in full swing. Along the way, they are pulling out all the stops. Even though rappers aren’t allowed to talk about sex, drugs, or cops, the show pulls in huge ratings and boosts MCs’ careers into the stratosphere if they make it to the top few slots. One reason for this is that they do really dope shows like this past week’s.

Taiwanese rapper E.So popped up, which is not surprising since MC HotDog is one of the judges and they are tight. What was stunning was that when E.So performed, MC Jin was behind the MPC, but hiding a bit behind his RICH chain. Halfway through E.So’s performance, Jin spun around in his chair from the mixing board, received a ton of applause, and then jumped on the mic.

For those who have been following Asian Hip Hop and Chinese Rap from the jump, this is sure to send chills as the intergenerational combination takes it back to the essence of what Hip Hop really is. Jin was a lyrical beast in 2002 when he started KO’ing MCs on 106 and Park on BET. To get with E.So from MJ116, who is one of the biggest superstars in Chinese Rap music at the moment, is mind-blowing. Shout out to the producers of The Rap of China for killing this one.

The best part, besides the actual surprise, is that now MC Jin is fully flowing in Mandarin. Many Chinese netizens commented on how good the rappers’ Chinese was now, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Check out E.So and MC Jin on The Rap of China below.