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9-year-old street dancer DingDing from Macau is a true gem

A small girl with massive energy is going to be taking over world stages

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 1 Jul 2022

Kate Lai also known as DingDing is a nine-year-old natural-born dancer from Macau, who started learning Hip Hop when she was four. She not only dances better than kids her age but many adults as well. DingDing has already won a lot of regional and international awards, including the World Cup Macau. DingDing was supposed to be sent to Portugal to represent Macau, but she couldn’t make it due to COVID-19.

She is frequently invited to huge events and has the potential to be a future superstar. In an interview by Macau’s TV 澳門人, it was interesting to find out that Ding Ding’s future dream job is not to be a professional dancer but a lawyer who dances well. This ambitious and hardworking little girl gives her best in all that she does and will surely succeed in anything she pours her heart into. Currently, she is still focused on her entertainment career and has already established her own studio with the goal of promoting Hip Hop.


For Hong Kong beatboxer Heartgrey’s latest ‘I Beat You Dance’ challenge, Ding Ding showed her creativity right from the start by holding a can of soda, pretending to drink it to match the first “ahhh” sound Heartgrey made. She then pops and locks so freely, hitting all the beats with diverse movements and different parts of her body. People are amazed by her talent in such a short clip, that even the king of reel remixes, well-known composer Chris Polanco from Universal Music Group, left an “Amazing!” comment, and another top Hong Kong Beatboxer, Fatking, spoke for everyone in caps when he posted, “SHE IS SO CUTE.”

Other than Hip Hop, popping, pocking, and modern dance, she also likes to dance to KPop songs, like Psy’s latest hit ‘THAT THAT,’ or the mimic BTS’ popular ‘Dynamite’ with her locking moves.

Earlier this month she was in Chengdu, battling with adult lockers in Locking China, and made it into the top rounds. She didn’t win the battle but she already won the hearts of the audience when the MC called her, “The cutest locker in the house.”

Many kids have been inspired by her passion and have started dancing or getting into Hip Hop culture because of her videos. Watching DingDing, we know that Hip Hop is thriving in the hands of the next generation.