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Def Jam South East Asia’s Vendetta Gallery

Special pics from a special night celebrating ASEAN Hip Hop culture

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius [Photos Aloysious/Yungtaufoo/Smoothaum] | 7 Okt 2022

What a night.

On September 26, The Ring Boxing Community in Singapore turned into a showcase for 15 rappers at Def Jam South East Asia’s Vendetta. With big names like Joe Flizzow, DABOYWAY, ALYPH, RIGHT, RAMENGVRL, A.Nayaka, Shigga Shay, Sheikh Haikel, and more in the building, 600 attendees were delighted to be back outside and witnessing live Hip Hop in its purest form. Def Jam South East Asia’s Managing Director said, ““The turnout was more than what we anticipated. It just echoed how much hip-hop is more than just a music genre and it has now found a permanent place within our ASEAN culture and community. To see our local and regional artists showcase their own extension of sound and performance style truly elevated the atmosphere entirely.”

Check out the photo gallery below.