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Bot Hard: India’s first virtual rapper powered by artificial intelligence

The AI can make personalized rhymes

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 7 Nov 2022

We’re living in a time of tremendous technological advancement. For better or for worse, there will always be continuous innovation. We’ve seen firsthand the direct impact this has had on the way we live, work, and communicate, and technological advancements are starting to shape our arts and culture as well.

Recently, the Indian creative agency DDB Mudra Group created India’s first virtual rapper, BotHard, powered by artificial intelligence or AI. Bot Hard was conceptualized for season two of MTV’s reality TV show, Realme MTV Hustle 2.0. This is a talent show where participants duke it out to be the next Hip Hop star in India. It concluded over the weekend, with the 23-year-old MC Square being crowned the winner. While MC Square may have the crown, like many other Hip Hop reality shows, number one doesn’t necessarily mean they won.

Bot Hard can now interact with anyone. In order to get personalized raps, all people have to do is drop BotHard a DM on Instagram. As it proclaims, “I can do what no other rapper can, dawg. I'll rap on any word you give me.”

Send BotHard a DM saying, “Hey Bot Hard” to get started. It will ask for a word and once you send it in, within minutes, you have your personalized freestyle rap. Is Bot Hard a good rapper? There are many rappers in cyphers on street corners that are much worse.

Check out some of Bot Hard’s raps below.