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AMBUSH drops new Astro Boy accessories with BAIT

The jewelry line was created by Yoon Ahn & Japanese rapper Verbal

LiFTED | Sherrie Yip | 5 Agu 2022

Astro Boy, known originally as Mighty Atom or Tetsuwan Atomu, has been a popular Japanese comic since the late-1950s and remains a well-known Japanese icon worldwide. The beloved character Atom also regularly appears on streetwear clothing and accessories. Contemporary Japanese jewelry brand AMBUSH, founded by Yoon Ahn, also features the Atom character in their latest collaboration series with the US streetwear brand BAIT called ‘A BOY W/ LOVE’, which was released on July 29, 2022.

Astro Boy

The Atom character returns with its signature pose in the collection, first featured as a charm on the new Astro Boy necklace. With a mixture of matte silver and gold, the charm also includes a red crystal heart on its left chest, as well as the AMBUSH logo printed at the back of its belt. The Atom character is also featured in a matte black Astro Boy figure, which was first revealed in early 2022 as a collaboration with cartoonist Osamu Tezuka’s Tezuka Productions and BAIT. Similar to the necklace, the figure includes defining details including blue-tinted coils and a deep red heart and comes in a stylish neon orange case.


Yoon Ahn, founder and creative director of AMBUSH, is a Korean-American designer based in Tokyo. The talented designer first launched the jewelry line Antonio Murphy & Astro in 2004, releasing contemporary jewelry and accessories with the line. Yoon started gaining recognition after the US rapper and fashion icon Kanye West rocked her AMBUSH ‘POW!’ pendant. With that exposure, Ahn founded AMBUSH with her husband, Japanese rapper Verbal in 2008, and they continue to release cutely clever high fashion accessories and jewelry.