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70K goes live from a convenience store

A livestream to help out COVID orphans is guaranteed to be outlandish

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Sep 2021

When the world’s billionaires started launching penis-shaped rockets into the sky, they found something odd when they got into space - 70K was already there and having a gin-infused party with aliens, ETs, and even a few Vietnamese amputees. On April 15, 70K hosted their launch party at Hoa Tay and kicked it with the Gerdnag Crew and others. All was good until the cops came and the outer space crew vaporized without a trace.

The cops thought everyone was dead, but little did they know that everyone went down the secret back stairs to the brightest light they could find - a local convenience store. Scared of the loud noises from outside, the 70K crew went deep into a storeroom and have been surviving only on junk food and sodas for months.

Then a harsh lockdown happened. Saigon fell silent.

No one was around so the outer space crew thought it would be safe to come out. The convenience store got ransacked and now the aliens are running the show. Now is the time for a party!

On October 1, 70K is returning to throw down and this time it’s at a virtual convenience store aptly named Circle 70K. From 7pm Saigon time to midnight, join a motley crew of weirdos like Tri Minh, Minh, Billy100, Mess, Tina, Ric, PTuff, Raf, Uncleboo, Robe, Dr Roc, Levi Oi, Icy, Vsoul, Pixel Neko, Official PM, Khoa Wzzzy, Winno, Tia, Hnhngan, and a few special guests to do what people do after being locked in a storeroom for months - going crazy. Expect quirk, kink, and abnormality on the computer screen.

Customers who pay a fee will get into the VIP Zoom rooms, and that money will go to helping kids that have lost parents to COVID-19.

Witness the madness on Mixcloud here or make a donation here.