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The king of Indian Hip Hop makes moves for the top spot

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Jul 2024

A year ago, Emiway Bantai dropped a single titled ‘King of Indian Hip Hop.’ In a time of disposable two-minute-long songs, Emiway wasted not a second of his thunderous seven-minute opus, spraying bars and talking his sh*t throughout its entirety. Right off the bat, he declared, “Indian Hip Hop is incomplete without the mention of my name” and he’s been right about that ever since.

He’s struck a nerve with the country’s Hip Hop fans, and the story of his 10-year rise in Mumbai’s Hip Hop game is one for any Rap kid to aspire to. He’s been grinding since his teens - he’s 28 now - and is finally on top. When he dropped his single ‘W’, complete with a video atop a mountain, it was clear where he was in the new order of things. India may have the most talented and competitive Hip Hop market in Asia right now, and Emiway has the fans’ attention. It seems like everything he touches turns to gold records.