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Warrior season 3 kicks back with a bang on MAX

Inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Jul 2023

In a poll a few years ago, Americans were asked who was the most prominent Asian-American actor in the world. The number one answer was Bruce Lee, number two was Jackie Chan, and number three was “I don’t know,” never mind that number one and number two weren’t Asian Americans. Times are changing and now a lot of the best movie or streaming work being put out is with an all-Asian cast and crew [Hello Shang-Chi!] or focuses on the Asian dream, like MAX’s series, Warrior, which was based on the writings of Bruce Lee.

Most people know the story that Bruce was making movies in Hong Kong and when he went to Hollywood, he gave them Kung Fu, the hit TV show about a Shaolin monk in the Wild West. Bruce was very upset when they gave the lead role to a white guy, David Carradine, but he kept on writing. Under the watchful eye of Bruce’s daughter Shannon Lee, Warrior realizes Bruce’s ideas and represents Asian identity to the fullest.

Season three began on June 29 and the one thing Warrior has done over all three seasons is represent Chinese Hip Hop to the fullest. LiFTED wrote an article about all the Asian Hip Hop songs in Warrior seasons one and two in 2021, and we look forward to writing one up about season three when all the episodes go live on MAX.

Check out the trailer for Warrior season 3 below.