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VOLTAK has a mosh pit for the mind in new single ‘CHAOS [LOẠN]’

The apocalypse is here & this is the soundtrack

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 18 Oct 2021

Multitalented Vietnamese artist VOLTAK is breaking the mold of Emo Rap with his apocalyptic sounds. The busker, beatboxer, and rapper has had a wild ride because he left Vietnam at the age of 16 and explored a path as a street performer in Australia. Recently he has expanded his career into rapping, and he released ‘CHAOS [LOẠN]’ through 84GRND.

The ominous track starts with the sound of a drum thumping, which soon speeds up as distortion and static take over. Within three or four seconds, it’s obvious that this is something cutting edge and new. The tensions heighten the second VOLTAK drops his deep vocal raps on top of the hammering Drill beat.

Quickly establishing a menacing vibe, VOLTAK dives right in with red hot bars, flipping between Vietnamese and English effortlessly, as he criticizes the state of mind of people committed to a normal lifestyle. “Set me free. From 9 to 5, baby. Prison in my mind. From 9 to 5, baby. Think less. Do more” are the words VOLTAK lives by.

Visual mayhem is probably the best description of the ‘CHAOS[LOẠN]’s music video. To match with the daunting vibe of the song, the video is mostly shot in monotone and Matrix green. We see a disoriented black-and-white montage at the beginning, which quickly switches into a CGI-structured space station, where VOLTAK is put into a holding cell dressed in all white. The whole music video circles around the galactic theme, as VOLTAK undergoes surgery where his head is relocated onto a cyborg. Another shot shows VOKTAK at the DJ booth as he leads a huge bash for androids. There is so much to look at in the video that rewatching it three or four times is a must.

‘CHAOS [LOẠN]’ marks the first track VOLTAK is putting out with Vietnamese label 84GRND and Believe Music. After making a name for himself as a busker and beatboxer in Australia, it is great to see the young talent return to his roots as he elevates the already vibrant Viet Hip Hop scene.

Check out VOLTAK’s ‘CHAOS [LOẠN]’ below.